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  • Patrick Hylkema

Nieuw bij RadiCare: RDS-Med Radiation Survey Meters

Survey Monitor

✓ Uses include shielding surveys, room surveys, spill detection

✓ Hand-held meter to detect dose and dose rate

✓ Includes Bluetooth communication with multiple detection accessories (Alpha, Beta, Neutron)

✓ Can read up to three measurements simultaneously

✓ Competitively priced (less than Ludlum)

Area Monitor

✓ Uses include continuous monitoring of radiation levels for an area

(vault or hot cell)

✓ Wall or cabinet mounted, the Alarm Box uses the RDS-Med as

the detection device

✓ Includes connectors for external probes (remote dose, or contamination)

✓ Battery backup (with the RDS-Med) & modular design

✓ Available with audio alarm and red/green light alerts for real time feedback

Personal Dosimeter

✓ Uses include real-time exposure reading and alerts

✓ Small, wearable personal active dosimeter

▪ Dosimetry Services products (InstaDoe Vue, InstaDose etc.) are on-demand dosimeters– not active

✓ Long battery life

✓ Standard product detects gamma and x-ray (photons)

✓ Modular design offers Bluetooth, Neutron and Beta detection capabilities

✓ Optional DMC 3000 reader and user software for advanced configurations

RDS-Med Survey Meter Data Sheet
Download PDF • 1.11MB

DMC 3000 Personal Electronic Dosimeter Data Sheet
Download PDF • 332KB

ConnectStudio Software Data Sheet
Download PDF • 838KB

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