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  • Patrick Hylkema

Setup and intra-fractional motion measurements using surface scanning in head and neck cancer radiotherapy– A feasibility study

Recently, Macromedics (Moordrecht, The Netherlands) devel oped the DSPS-Prominent Occipital individual head rest mask (which can also be applied with a front face part). We expect this individual occipital head rest to give more support to the patient, and therefore to result in even less motion. Using this mask will also assure the patients that less motion is possible. We will test the accuracy in patient setup, intrafraction motion, as well as number of necessary treatment in terrupts using a threshold of 2 mm (vector 3 mm) and 2◦ in actual head and neck treatments in a follow-up study. In conclusion, we have shown in this study for the first time in literature, that maskless treatment of head and neck cancer patients, which is much more patient-friendly than applying a mask, is feasible, if SGRT is applied for accurate patient setup as well as monitoring (and correcting for) intrafraction motion.

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