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SRS MapCHECK® Solution Reaches 1,000th Customer Milestone

Proven and Globally Adopted for Fast, Highly Accurate Stereotactic QA
Sun Nuclear is proud to announce that the SRS MapCHECK® array has reached 1,000 user sites globally. Introduced in 2018, the SRS MapCHECK array with SNC Patient™ software has quickly become the gold standard for film-less SRS/SBRT QA for radiation therapy programs worldwide.

In recent years, stereotactic treatment delivery programs have experienced rapid growth. Purpose-built for high dose stereotactic procedures, the SRS MapCHECK has become widely adopted by radiation oncology departments for its ability to support faster patient throughput, with confidence in the delivery of highly precise treatments. With detector spacing informed by the Nyquist-Shannon theorem, the SRS MapCHECK has been proven in many studies to deliver film-quality results without the film. A film-less technique cuts process time significantly, removing an obstacle to SRS/SBRT adoption — and enabling re-investment of physicist time back into patient care.
“SRS MapCHECK is an essential part of our SRS workflow. Its ease of use and high-detector density allow us to execute high-precision QA, even with couch kicks, which gives us the confidence to safely execute the most complex treatments as well as end-to-end machine evaluations.”

Fernando Ludueña, Medical Physics Engineer

SNC Patient software powers the SRS MapCHECK, offering real-time comparison of dose distribution of the treatment plan file to the actual measured values (absolute and relative dose). With SNC Patient, SRS MapCHECK is the only device that supports Machine QA and Patient QA for CyberKnife® systems, including MLC QA, Iris Beam QA, and Targeting Accuracy QA (TAQA).

In a recent webinar, medical physicist Mihaela Mlinarić, M.Sc., discussed transitioning from film to SRS MapCHECK for QA of their department’s CyberKnife system. They found TAQA with the array equivalent to AQA with film. Since implementing SRS MapCHECK, they are saving two hours per day on morning QA and patient-specific QA. The webinar can be viewed on-demand here.

“No other SRS array on the market has been as widely adopted as the SRS MapCHECK array. With this solution, we took what was once a labor-intensive, time-consuming process, and simplified it — allowing radiation oncology departments globally to implement stereotactic programs more easily. Today, it is the gold standard for stereotactic QA,” said Mark Rose, Ph.D., Sun Nuclear Director of Product Management.
The SRS MapCHECK device is part of Sun Nuclear’s comprehensive suite of stereotactic QA solutions. In addition to SRS MapCHECK, as clinics move toward single-isocenter multiple-met SRS treatments, the MultiMet-WL Cube from Sun Nuclear offers more stringent off-axis QA.

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